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Student Grievance Procedures

Guidelines for Undergraduate Student Grievances Procedures within the University 

Guidelines for POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS may be accessed here.

The University is committed to providing students with the best possible services and therefore commits itself to instituting just and effective procedures for addressing matters where students feel that they have been unfairly treated including grievances and appeals from students.

If we don't know about it, we can't help

The University realises that it is often difficult for students who feel that they have been treated unfairly to take action and therefore we have prepared this simple guideline to make students aware of the procedures to follow when you have a grievance.

What to do before you lodge your grievance or appeal

Every effort should be made to resolve grievances through frank, informal discussion between the student(s) and the staff member(s) concerned. If you feel that somebody has been doing you an injustice, try to speak to that person directly. Be specific so that the person knows exactly what your problem is.

If you feel that your approach has not been successful, then you may approach the staff as mentioned in the guidelines given here. Click on the relevant link below.


Please note that this is a set of guidelines and does not replace the following processes/appeals:

  • The WRC (Wits Readmissions Committee) appeals process – refer to the WRC Booklet: Procedures Relating to Renewal or Refusal of Registration of Students;
  • Rule G5.8: Cancellation of registration as a result of unsatisfactory performance /progress;
  • Satisfactory Performance (SP): Senate Standing Order on Assessment of Student Learning (2016/1523);
  • Policy and Procedures for the Grievances of Postgraduate Students (S2009/2163a).

The following types of grievances do not fall within the ambit of this document:

  • General grievances advanced by any member of the student body, whether undergraduate or postgraduate;
  • Allegations of racial and sexual discrimination.