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Clubs and Societies

Gain life lessons you can never be taught in lecture halls by participating in extra-curricular activities. Register for SRC Clubs, Societies and Organizations (CSOs); School Councils and/or WITS Sports within the first quarter of every academic year (Feb-March) and discover a world of endless possibilities. 

CSOs are an outlet from academic pressures, while also developing an individual holistically with skills that are necessary beyond university life. CSOs with similar objectives are grouped into clusters, and they are as follows:

  • Political Cluster – these are societies whose underlying principles are informed by political philosophy (e.g. socialism, liberalism). They usually pursue activism through student governance and partnership with political structures.
  • Academic Cluster – this cluster consists of societies whose primary objective is to supplement students in their academic journey, by offering inter alia tutoring sessions, study sessions and de-stress activities.
  • Business Cluster – these CSOs usually collaborate with entrepreneurial companies and commerce organizations. They are largely based on financial literacy and offer guidance in the world of business or related ventures.
  • Social Cluster – clubs under this cluster are openly defined by the underlying objective of bringing students together and creating a safe space through a thematic purpose. For example, getting involved in community outreach or engaging in environmentally friendly activities.
  • Cultural Cluster – these are societies that aim to educate and explore different cultures on campus and beyond. The clubs are usually based on tribal, ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Religious Cluster – this cluster is comprised of all faith groups on campus and it is primarily focused on the spiritual well-being of students.

Club Registrations

  • Registrations take place online via the Self-Service portal until the end of March.
  • Registrations may be debited to a student’s fee account only until the end of March, thereafter payment is by cash only at the Fees Office.

Club Membership Cancellations

  • Requests to cancel must be emailed to
  • No cancellations will be allowed after 31st of March (in the event that the 31st of March falls on a non-working day, the final day for cancellations will be the nearest preceding working day).