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Staff Profile

Doctor Prishani Naidoo

QualificationsBAHons, PhD
Phone 0117174432
Organisational Unit Society Work and Development Institute

Resistance; social movements; neoliberalism; poverty and inequality; labour; representation; Marxist theory; post-colonial theory; post-structuralist thought

P rishani’s intellectual interests have been shaped by a search for ways in which knowledge production and the pursuit of ideas can contribute to effecting change in an unequal and unjust world. This has meant trying to understand the relationship between ‘academic’ and ‘activist’ modes of engagement and production, and interrogating the ways in which theory and praxis are understood, unfold and relate to each other. A closely related interest is in the possibilities for non-representational forms of political engagement in late capitalist society. Prishani has published on the South African student movement of the 1990s; higher education transformation in South Africa; the effects of neoliberal policies on labour, labour movements, and other social movements in South Africa and Mauritius; the emergence of new forms of organising under neoliberalism; the delivery of basic services in South Africa; new social movements in South Africa; the global justice movement or alter-globalisation movement; and poverty and ‘the making of ‘the poor’’ in post-apartheid South Africa, the latter being the subject of her Phd thesis. She has previously been employed at Khanya College and the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Southern Africa), and has been a member of the collective/consultancy, Research & Education In Development (RED). Prishani is a co-editor of the Sociology Department’s New South African Review, the first issue of which was published by Wits University Press in 2010.


Sociology of Work (SOCL 3013)

Organisations, Movements and Change (SOCL 2008)


Development as Ideology and Practics (SOCL 4009 & 7009)

Collective Action and Social Movements (SOCL 4006 & 7008)