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Staff Profile

Professor Gilbert Khadiagala

QualificationsBAHons, MA, PhD
Phone 0117174381
Organisational Unit International Relations

African International Relations; Mediaiton and Conflict Management; Governance and Leadership in Africa

P rofessor Khadiagala is the Jan Smuts Professor of International Relations and Head of Department. Trained as a political scientist in Kenya, Canada, and the United States he specializes in African International Relations, Conflict Management and Resolution, African Regional and Sub-Regional Institutions, and Comparative Political Institutions. He has published on politics and security in Southern Africa, the Great Lakes Region, Eastern, and the Horn of Africa. In addition, he has written widely on mediation of African conflicts, Kenyan politics, and governance and leadership in Africa.He is currently conducting research on state formation in South Sudan.

Conflict Resolution in Africa; International Dimensions of Human Security; International Relations of Africa's Natural Resources; African Political Economy; Ideas in International Development.


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