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Ultimate Frisbee combines the rules and movements of American football and netball. It is a non-contact sport and has all the athleticism and competition of any sport. It is a growing sport, and fun to play, so why not take a chance to try something new and come join us on the Bozzoli B field and learn to throw a Frisbee™!

The game itself is structured as so: two teams (womxn and men play on the same team) that start on opposite sides of a football/rugby field with two end zones on either side, and of course a Frisbee™ that needs to be passed by the attacking team. The objective of the game is to score by catching the Frisbee™ in the opponent’s end zone. Fast sprints, jumps, dives and full field throw (amongst teammates and opposition) are involved.

What makes this sport not only fun and fantastic, but unique as well is that Ultimate Frisbee is a self-governed sport. In other words, there is no referee. Instead, the players on the field enforce the rules and decide the best way to solve on-field issues between themselves.

There are six tournaments that we aim to take teams to every year and there are lots of fun more casual tournaments scattered in-between. So, whether you’re ultra or moderately competitive, or only wanting to play for the good times and to impress people with cool throws (or all the above) the Wits Ultimate Frisbee Club is for you!

Membership fees

  • Student membership fees R650,00
  • Alumni R750,00


Practice sessions: times and days

  • Mondays and Thursdays Time: 19:00 – 21:00
  • Friday pickups (casual games of Ultimate) at 16:30 to 18:00
  • All sessions are on the Bozzoli B field



One of the awesome things about Wits Ultimate is that we a spirited student team that is a part of the broader South African Ultimate Community, and Gauteng region. This means we get to travel around the country to partake in tournaments, meet lots of new people.

Some of our calendar highlights include the following:

  1. Swinburne Hat Tournament – A casual weekend tournament with randomly selected teams hosted in February at Swinburne (just past Harrismith). This tournament has all the makings for a fun filled social weekend, where you get to play on the same team with other members from the broader South African Ultimate community!
  2. Mixed Regionals – A competitive tournament where all the Northern region teams come to either, gain experience, or compete to secure their place for Mixed Nationals.
  3. Mixed Nationals – The tournament of the highest calibre of competitive Ultimate Frisbee in South Africa, where the best teams from around the country come to battle it out for the top spot.
  4. Inter-University Tournament – A new tournament for all university teams across the country. It will be a fun, student-only tournament, making it a unique event in the SA Ultimate calendar.
  5. GFDA Open’s and Womxn Tournament - In the second part of the Ultimate calendar we move into separate womxn’s and men’s teams, and this recently established tournament gives Northern region teams the opportunity to play some competitive Ultimate before the National tournament.
  6. Rocktober – Possibly the biggest tournament in the country with international teams joining, Rocktober is hosted by Gauteng Ultimate annually. It is less competitive than official nationals tournaments but is still high-intensity. 
  7. Open’s and Womxn’s Nationals – A developing division in the South African Ultimate community still sees the top clubs from around the country gather at a different location each year to compete for the number one in each division.
  8. Wits Hat Tournaments – As part of the club’s fundraising plans, we host themed one day team tournaments in between the more competitive tournaments.
  9. Weekly Friday Pickups (casual games) – Another great way to try out Ultimate Frisbee is to get in touch with us about joining our weekly tekkie/barefoot Friday pickups! This is open to everyone of all ages, levels of fitness and experience.
  10. Tournament Team Builders – Before every tournament we like to get together and hangout as a team to talk about what we would like to achieve as a team and as individuals.


Contact Us

Ultimate Frisbee Sport Officer:

Vinolia Austin

Office: 011 717 9409



Ultimate Frisbee Committee Details


Michaela Scholtz



Michaela Scholtz


Robert Laithwaite


Ruth Mc Cormick

Development Officer

Tshepo Thaela

Social Media & Clubroom Officer

Cassandra Nussey


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