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Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee combines American football and netball. It has all the athleticism and competition of any sport.

How does Ultimate Frisbee differ from just throwing a Frisbee around? We get asked that a lot. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee that incorporates netball and American football – without the tackles. It consists of two teams (consisting of women and men), a plastic disc and a full field with two end zones, with the objective of the game being to score by catching the disc in the opponent’s end zone. Cool jumps, huge throws, and banter are involved.

What makes this sport not only fun and fantastic, but unique as well is that Ultimate Frisbee is a self-governed sport. In other words, there is no referee; instead, the players on the field enforce the rules and decide the best way to solve on-field issues.

The Wits Ultimate Club competes in three major tournaments each year: Binnelanders, Mixed Nationals, as well as Men and Women’s Nationals, and Rocktober. These tournaments offer an amazing opportunity to not only compete against the best in the country but to meet new people as there are more than 16 active and competitive clubs across the country.

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