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Tang Soo Do


The Wits Tang Soo Do club has a long and proud heritage that began 28 years ago. For twenty of those years the club has been in the very capable hands of Coach, Master Gregory Hart. Tang Soo Do is Chinese which means “The way of the T’ang empty hand”. This is one of the oldest of Korean Fighting Arts, which were later combined into Taekwondo.

Tang Soo Do however maintained its unique character as one of the world’s foremost arts. It encompasses of all ranges of fighting; focusing on devastating kicks, powerful hand strikes and blocks, grappling, pressure point knockouts and weapons training. The sport focuses on fitness, flexibility, and strength, concentration, self-control, discipline as well as practical self-defence techniques. It combines traditional and scientific or modern training methods in its comprehensive syllabus.

It is still to this day one of the most comprehensive and practical martial arts in the world, which is still celebrated as a form of sports.

In 2017 Wits Tang Soo Do is the home of the Gauteng Sportswoman of the Year, in Tanita Ramburuth-Hurt, finalist for Gauteng Sportsman of the year (Kim Lucas), finalist for Most Promising Athlete of the year (Madimetja Malebana)  as well as finalist for Gauteng Sports Team of the year.





Bozzoli Sports Pavillion - Tue & Thur 18h00-19h30

Contact Us
Sports Administrator Bevan Fenner

011 717 9436

Coach Gregory Hart

082452 9213

011-478 2220

Chairperson Malebana Madimetja

061 679 2998