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Tai Chi & Yuishinkai Kobujutsu


The Wits Tai Chi and Kobujutsu club has been one of the longest running martial arts clubs in the university starting in the 1970’s. For just over a decade our classes have been taught by Sensei Lee Jardine who has achieved a 5th dan in traditional Yuishinkai Karate and Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu, and has been a Tai Chi practitioner for almost 20 odd years.

Tai Chi


Tai Chi Chuan literally means Supreme Ultimate fist. An Internal Chinese martial art which is one of the most popular forms of health exercise in the world. Tai Chi helps the practitioner to understand a need to balance body, mind and flowing with oneself and others.

Young and old can train Tai Chi.  Each person learns to listen to his or her own body and improve on self.  There is no comparing or competing, therefore no winning or losing over anyone but oneself. Yet all of our forms have self defence applications which we will be happy to show.

No prior experience in any martial art is necessary and we are more than willing to help anybody .Tai Chi also offers a large variety of stretches and breathing techniques that will help relieve muscle strain, increase flexibility and relax the mind.

Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu & Yuishinkai Karate


  • Our association incorporates traditional Okinawan martial arts that endeavour to preserve the knowledge and practice of kata for centuries past. Through classical martial arts we strive to earnestly improve the mind and body through the study of these classical martial arts where in Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu we practice traditional Okinawan weapons and in Yuishinkai, traditional Karate.



  • Ours is a non-competitive martial art because it implies that the style must be strictly standardised for everyone to conform to competition regulations, which is detrimental to developing a personalised style suited to your physique, rather self-improvement. Over the course of our training sessions we cover a variety of weapons such as Bo, sai tonfa and many more, our Karate syllabus covers kicks, punches, locks, throws, escapes, falling and rolling techniques.
Classes and practice times


  • The sessions are done as a class, but our experienced instructor keeps an eye on every individual and subtly corrects their technique, ensuring that beginners get it right from the start and keep on improving.  While beginners opt for one or the other, many of the experienced practitioners enjoy doing both of these complimentary martial arts forms. Everyone is welcome!
  • Tai Chi - Mon & Thur 07h00-07h40; Yuishinkai Karate & Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu - Tue & Thur 13h15-13h55.
  • Venue:Wits multi-purpose sports hall, Braamfontein Campus, East
Contact Us

Sport Officer: Njabulo Xulu, Tel 011-717 9436 | Email:

Chairperson: Benjamin Cruz Lopez da Silva | Email:

Instructor: Lee Jardine, Tel 072 569 0057