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Snow Ski

On the ski ramps or in their clubhouse, these dudes know how to have fun...they rock!

no formal practice                         
meeting venue Snow Ski clubhouse, Science Stadium, Braamfontein Campus West
club committee chair Daimion Flude; vice-chair/treasurer Maggie-May Hosking; secretary Thejal Govind 
sports officer Ntshembo Vukeya, 011 717 9404      

In a country not traditionally associated with avalanche-inducing snowfalls or hypothermia, the Wits Snow Ski Club has, in the past, been stigmatised as “the drinking club with a skiing problem”. However, with dedication to the sport and some excellent organising committees, this reputation is a thing of the past. Nowadays our focus is on establishing ourselves as competitive skiers and snowboarders, as well as building a strong alliance with the SA snowboarding community. That said, we’re still the best at throwing a massive party.

The development of snow sports in South Africa has accelerated in recent years, attributed to events like the Ace’s Up Tour (the first ever official snowboarding tour in SA), the launch of TIA (the first ever South African produced snowboarding DVD) and the growing competition at the annual National Snowboarding Championships.

Our ability to introduce our members to snow sports relies on our affiliation with another Jo’burg based club, Club Maluti, who own a Ski Hut in the Lesotho highlands some 10 mins drive from the Afriski ski slope. Every year Ski Club heads up to Club Maluti during the varsity winter break for a week of snowboarding, skiing, and some late night partying. With the Afriski staff working harder every year it is guaranteed that there will be sufficient snow for 3 full months from June until August, a short 4-6 hours drive from Jo’burg (depending on what we decide to get up to along the way).

In addition to this annual ski trip, Ski Club also represents Wits at the abovementioned National Snowboarding Championships and the King’s Cup Snowboarding event at Afriski. These events are the most competitive skiing and snowboarding events on the South African calendar and gives the selected Wits team a chance to show off some skills, learn some new ones, meet some great/legendary SA board riders, and have the kind of party that stays imprinted in your memory until the next event.

With the renovations to the Charles Skeen stadium complete, we once again have access to our clubhouse. We will continue to organise Jo’burg-based events, including snowboard simulation, mountain boarding, freeboarding, wake boarding and carpet-slope snowboarding. Oh, and some pretty awesome parties squeezed in between. 

Snow Ski