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As Wities we are always proud of what we do and who we are, and here in the hockey club we are no different. As a club, we pride ourselves on the fact that we consistently produce top results on the field, as well as a great atmosphere off the field! The friends we make on the field are some of the strongest bonds we form for life!

Wits Hockey offers opportunities at all levels of hockey for both men and women – we are bound to have something for you!

Wits Hockey Committee 2018



Alekz  Szewczuk


Robyn Barlow


Jade Wilson


Micaela Benjamin


Emma Wright

Practise Times

  • 3rds and 4ths Ladies: 6-8pm Monday and Wednesday
  • 3rds Men: 8-10pm Monday and Wednesday
  • 1st and 2nd Ladies: Tuesday 18H00-20H00 / Thursday 20H00-22H00
  • 1st and 2nd Men: Tuesday 20H00-22H00 / Thursday 18H00-20H00
  • GK coaching sessions Monday / Tuesday 18H00-19H00 (seasonal)
  • Friday social hockey 18H00-20H00 (seasonal)
2016 Review

Southern Gauteng Hockey League 2016 results:

Premier League:

Wits Men A – finished 4th

Wits Ladies A – finished 4th

Wits Men B – finished 8th

Reserve League:

Wits Ladies B – finished 9th

1st League:

Wits Men C – finished 10th

2nd League:

Wits Ladies C – finished 3rd

3rd League:

Wits Ladies D – finished 6th


Varsity Hockey – Men 2016

Varsity Hockey Tournament (Men only) on 6-9th May, 13th-16th May and the final on 23rd May 2016 produced huge excitement. Through social media and TV exposure we had a far bigger audience than in 2015. The more people watch and support the happier the sponsors are! Wits Men’s coach, Ricky West (above right) guided his young team to a top 4 finish!

USSA 2016

The prestigious USSA (University Sport South Africa) Hockey tournament was hosted by  Wits University. The hockey turfs at UJ and Parktown Boys were also utilised to accommodate all the matches that needed to be played throughout the week.  Over a 1000 hockey players between 36 universities in SA competed with each other during this tournament and the camaraderie and spirit between the students were electrifying. This is one tournament that should never die!

 The Men’s’ Wits Hockey team won the B-section and will be competing in the A-section of the USSA Hockey Tournament in 2017.  The Ladie already play in the A Section and finished 5th.                                                                                               




Player of the Year

Most Improved

1st XI Men

Rusten Abrahams

Jaryd Thomas

1st XI Women

Kelly Wrensch

Nolwazi Ngubane

2nd XI Men

Michael Daniel

Phiwe Fongoqa

2nd XI Women

Robyn Barlow

Mickayla Pinto

3rd XI Men

Blake Ter Morshuizen

Nolin Naynar

3rd XI Women

Victoria van der Hoven

Ciara Heffernan

4th XI Women

Khensani Mothomogolo

Karabo Maboya



Player of the Year (Men section)

Rusten Abrahams

Player of the Year (Women section)

Kelly Wrensch

Team of the Year

3rd Ladies team

Club Person of the Year

Kristen Bruwer

Contact Us

Wits Hockey Office

University of the Witwatersrand – Wits Sports

Private Bag 3, Wits, 2015

Tel: +27 (0) 11 717 9410|Fax: +27 (0) 86 7653559


Facebook: Wits Hockey Club          

Twitter: @wits_hockey

Instagram: @wits_hockey

Fixtures and Results
  1. Fixtures for 2018 Varsity Hockey: Varsity Hockey 2018 Fixtures
  2. See fixtures on Southern Gauteng website page:
  3. Wits Hockey Pre-Season Fixtures and Results: 2018 Combined Fixtures




Toni Marks

Varsity Hockey 2016





















2017 Review

2017 Review


Southern Gauteng Hockey League 2017 results:


Premier League:

Wits Men A – finished 5th

Wits Ladies A – finished 4th


Promotion league:

Wits Men B – finished 6th

Wits Ladies B – finished 3rd


1st League:

Wits Men C – finished 10th

                2nd League:

Wits Ladies C – finished 5th


3rd League:

Wits Ladies D – finished 5th



Varsity Hockey – Women 2017

Varsity Hockey Tournament (Women only) during the month of May 2017 produced huge excitement. Women’s hockey was watched and enjoyed on all social media platforms and through TV exposure, the spectator audience grew significantly. Pietie Coetzee-Turner’s Wits Ladies hockey team made history by beating some of the top varsity hockey teams and played in their first semi-final match of this prestigious hockey tournament!


USSA 2017

The annual USSA (University Sport South Africa) hockey tournament was once again hosted by Wits Hockey Club. The tournament was attended by over 32 universities represented by their men and ladies hockey teams. This tournament is very popular as it is the only opportunity where only student hockey players can enjoy playing and watching hockey for a whole week! The camaraderie and spirit amongst the students are electrifying.


The Wits Men’s and Women’s hockey teams realized the importance of performing well as hosts and both teams finished 4th in the A-section. 


Provincial, National and PHL

Wits Hockey players and coaches featured in all the major hockey tournaments this year. In our mix we have 3 - National, 21 - Provincial, 14 - U/21 and 5 - provincial Indoor hockey players of which 2 are national indoor players.

The Women’s hockey coach, Tsoanelo Pholo, coached the Gauteng U/21 women’s team to victory and was named U/21 Hockey Champions 2017! She then fulfilled one of her dream goals through Wits Hockey, to become the first black female coach in Africa, to go through the highest international qualification (FIH Level 3) and score a distinction.

Wits Hockey players are also well represented in the popular PHL (Premier Hockey League) and we have an overall count of 15 strong players representing their respective PHL teams.

Our hockey coaches are also contributing at the tournament:

Pietie Coetzee-Turner: PHL TV commentator

Tsoanelo Pholo: PHL Team coach (Madikwe Rangers)

Ricky West: PHL hockey player (Maropeng Cavemen)

Final Dinner Awards 2017


Team Awards


Player of the Year

Most Improved

1st XI Men

Michael Marki


1st XI Women

Luche Klaasen


2nd XI Men

Joshua Arnott / Keagan Fraser

Mzamo Danana

2nd XI Women

Robyn Barlow

Dubekile Chidakwa / Kirsten Gildenhuys

3rd XI Men

Motheo Sekgetho

Musa Mabasa

3rd XI Women

Andrea Barnard / Geena Parker

Nomsa Mtsweni / Michaela Benjamin

4th XI Women

Dani Lau

Karabo Maboya


Club Awards

Player of the Year (Men’s Section) – Rusten Abrahams

Player of the Year (Women’s Section) – Nomnikelo Veto

Team of the Year (Women) – The Women’s 2nd Hockey Team

Most Dedicated Club Person of the Year – Robyn Fyvie

Club Person of the Year – Alekzandra Szewczuk