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What is Futsal?

Futsal is a modified form of football/soccer played with five players on each end. The sport is played in a smaller area, typically an indoor pitch suitable for the sporting code. It is also a fast-paced sports with different and unique rules from football and other related sporting codes.


The Wits Futsal Team

The Wits Futsal team is a professional Futsal team in Johannesburg based at the University of the Witwatersrand's main campus situated in Braamfontein. The team plays in the top tier system of Futsal known as the Gauteng Futsal league and has been involved in developing and promoting the Futsal sporting code for more than a decade.

Through its competitive structures (Wits Futsal Internal League), the team aims to develop fresh new talent that will compete at national and international levels.

The Wits Futsal club is not just a variety of soccer, it is a sporting code that brings together individuals and group from different walks of life to play, compete and enjoy themselves on the Futsal courts. The club is not only aimed at creating a sport based competitive environment, but also hopes to alleviate societal differences and promotes healthy competition both on and off the Futsal courts.

Contact Us

Futsal Sports Officer:

Montsho Matlala 

Office: 011 717 9405