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Limpopo Open

The Limpopo open held in March 2018 saw 6 Fencers from Wits club compete.

Andrea Cabanac, Tarryn Maggs and Natalija Cerimaj represented Wits in the women category. The men were represented by Frankie, Daniel and Michael.

Our Witsies performed admirably. With Andrea Cabanac taking silver in foil.  Daniel Chen and Frankie Snyman progressing through to the final 8.

Andrea Cabanac has subsequently been selected to represent South Africa at the All Africa Champs tournament in the foil category.

Internal Fencing Tournament

The internal Wits fencing tournament was held on the 24th of February 2018.

 The internal tournament was held at Bozzoli club. This tournament was used to rank the fencers and give exposure to the new bloods in the club. The men competed in epee and the women in foil. There was a total of 19 participants.

The results of the tournament were as follows

Men:       First:                    Mahlatse Matseeme

                Second:              Michael Gaynor

                Third:                  Thabo Zondo

                Third:                  Gareth Reynolds

Women: First:                   Natalija Cerimaj

                Second:              Tarryn Maggs

                Third:                  Thobekile Moyo

                Third:                  Boitumelo Moheta

It was a successful tournament and we look forward to seeing more competitors next time.

Fencing Provincial Tournament

On the 17th and 18th of February 2018 the Wits Fencing Club participated in the provincial fencing tournament at Orland East Communal Hall, Sports and Recreation, Orlando, Soweto.

The tournament saw its greatest number of competitors from Wits yet. These competitors were: Men; Frankie Snyman, Michael Gaynor, Daniel Chen, Mahlatse Matseeme, Gift Maseeme and Gareth Reynolds. Women; Andrea Cabanac, Natalija Cerimaj, Tarryn Maggs and Thobekile Moyo.

The tournament was a successful experience for many of our new fencers whom are new to the competitive scene. Many of our competitors managed to get into quarter finals. The women of Wits brought pride to our club. Andrea brought home the gold in foil and a bronze in epee and Tarryn managed to obtain a bronze in foil, after an intense semi-final against Andrea.




“You haven't seen a thing until you've seen this man fight. My sword is sharp. My heart strong. My spirit ferocious - and I am going to live. Let the swords clash. Let the fight begin.” 
― Carew Papritz

The art of combat has been around since time immemorial, and humankind has spent centuries perfecting the various forms that make up Martial Arts. Fencing, with its storied (and, indeed, bloody) past, has throughout its history been crafted by the expert hands of Spanish, French and Italian swordsmen – resulting in a thrilling, complex and elegant sport with three different disciplines (or sword types):  Épée, Foil and Saber. Fencing is one of the handful of sports that has been in every single modern Olympic Games, and here in South Africa it continues to grow. The Wits fencing club has been contributing formidable athletes to the pool of South African fencers for 81 years, making it one of the oldest sports clubs at Wits, and 2017 will be no different. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a sport – poise, aggression, style, fun, a few bruises here and there – fencing has it all.

And it helps that being a swordsman is just objectively cool.

2017 Review

1. 2017 Action Plan - Action Plan


2. Tournament Results

Internal Tournaments

Provincial Tournaments

National Tournaments


3. Upcoming Results

  • GFA Closed Champs 21st-22nd of October
  • National Gauteng open - 2nd -3rd of December.


Contact Us

Chair: Andrea Cabanac | Email: 

Sports Officer: Njabulo Xulu | Email:

Facebook Page:

Instagram: @witsfencers

2016 Review

- Internal Ranking Tournament hosted at Wits.

2016 marks the first year that the Wits Fencing Club hosted an Internal Ranking Tournament. This tournament, which was held in August 2016, was established on the basis of formalising the performance of the Wits Fencers and providing the competitive edge within the Club required to take it to the next level of intensity. Independent referees were provided by the Gauteng Fencing Association and the tournament was deemed a success by the fencing officials and the fencers themselves. 2017 will see two more of these Internal Ranking tournaments.

- Provincial Tournaments

2016 is also the first year since 2013 that the Wits Fencing Club participated in Provincial Tournaments. In January 2016 we registered 18 of our members with the Gauteng Fencing Association (GFA) so as to become members and thus take part in the provincial tournaments which take place throughout the year.

We attended the GFA Ranking 2 tournament in April and GFA Ranking 3 tournament in July and the tournament results were as follows: Epee Male Senior

Results out of 40 Fencers in total.

11) HARRILALL Mikesh        RSA WITS        

17) GAYNOR Michael            RSA WITS        

18) MOGANE Karabelo          RSA WITS        

23) GUSINOW Roy                 RSA WITS         

26) MOKHELE Oageng           RSA WITS        

31) FROHLICH Steven            RSA WITS        

33) MOHLALA Mduduzi        RSA WITS        

34) FISHER Jonathan              RSA WITS        

35) MICHEL Kevin                 RSA WITS        

37) GELDENHUIS Jacquest    RSA WITS        


Epee Female Senior:  Results out of 25 fencers

   9) KRIGE Uma                      RSA WITS        

10) MAGGS Tarryn                 RSA WITS        

11) CABANAC Andrea           RSA WITS        

14) GOLDSCHAGG Sarah      RSA WITS        

18) ROGERS Thalia                RSA WITS        

19) FOURIE Vera Jean            RSA WITS        

21) CERIMAJ Natalija             RSA WITS        

23) SWARTZ Farron               RSA WITS        

25) LANDSMAN Claudia        RSA WITS        


            - National Tournaments

This year also makes the first year since 2013 that the Wits Fencing Club participated in National Tournaments.

  • Western Cape Open in May.

Results: 6th Andrea Cabanac , 8th Natalijia Cerimaj, 9th Uma Krige, 12th Farron Swartz, 14th Vera Fourie, 15th Thalia Rogers



Current Provincial Rankings in Gauteng

Junior Men’s Epee:6 Wits fencers placed in Top 40 Junior Provincial Ranking.

Senior Men’s Epee: 11 Wits fencers placed in Top 40 Senior Provincial Ranking.

Junior Women’s Epee: 9 Wits fencers placed in Top 30 Senior Provincial Ranking

Senior Women’s Epee: 4 Wits fencers placed in Top 20 Junior Provincial Ranking

Current National Rankings in South Africa, Senior Women’s Epee:7 Wits fencers placed in Top 50 Senior National Ranking.

Medals won

2 Bronze medals achieved at our first provincial tournaments this year.

Uma Krige came 3rd in Junior Women’s Epee at GFA Ranking 2 Tournament.

Kevin Michel came 3rd in Junior Men’s Epee at GFA Ranking 2 Tournament.




 Western Cape Open 2017



 Gauteng Closed 2017













Practices times:

Mondays:         5pm – 7pm                  Experienced Fencers

Wednesdays:   5pm -7pm                    Beginners


Venue: Bozzoli Sports Hall, East Campus.


Coach: Andrei Kovrijnykh.

Champion Foil fencer from Russia.

Andrei also coaches at Olympia fencing club and the University of Pretoria.


Fee:                 R1100 per annum, credited to student account. Includes Wits Sport T-shirt

Club house:     Located behind Wits Science Stadium on West Campus.

Open every Thursday evening – join us for a drink and some top banter.


Internal ranking (Wits Fencers only): 2 per semester

Provincial ranking: 5 per annum. In affiliation with the Gauteng Fencing Association.

National ranking: 5 per annum. Arranged by FFSA (Fencing Federation South Africa)