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Dr Musa Manzi

- Wits University

Dr Musa Manzi is a Senior Researcher and Director of the Wits Seismic Research Centre at Wits.

His research focuses mainly on the area of reflection seismology as applied to the search for oil, gas, and mineral deposits, with a view to developing new mathematical algorithms to reprocess old seismic datasets acquired for hydrocarbon and mineral exploration.

This would not only assist in the discovery of new deposits of valuable ore and minerals, but also expand the knowledge of how they are formed as well as mitigate the hazards involved in their recovery.

The Wits Seismic Research Centre, which he established in 2015, specialises in providing geophysical training to undergraduate and postgraduate students from Africa and beyond. Dr Manzi’s research outputs include 22 peer-reviewed papers since 2011, and he has garnered numerous awards for his work.

Dr Musa Manzi