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How South Africa can deliver on the right to food

- Ozayr Patel with Brittany Kesselman

PODCAST: To break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition, the government needs to ensure that children have access to sufficient healthy food.

Pasha 43, The Conversation Africa’s podcast on research.

Hunger and food insecurity are prominent issues in South Africa. Many people don’t have access to nutritious food and there is severe food injustice in the country. Yet people are not taking to the streets to protest about this. This is because people are unaware that they have a right to food. South Africa can take lessons on this from regions in India and Brazil.

Tackling food injustice needs a transformation of the structural inequities of the food system. It requires providing different means for people to access healthy food. And in today’s episode of Pasha, Brittany Kesselman, a postdoctoral research fellow at Wits University, discusses how this can be achieved.


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