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Good or bad sleeper? Debunking the myths

- Wits University

PODCASTS: Wits Alumni and UK specialist in sleep medicine, Dr Hugh Selsick, shares insights in what good, and bad, sleep looks like.

In two episodes of the UK-based podcast and blog, Melio Health(y) Care, that focuses on "What good looks like", Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Hugh Selsick talks about a range of sleep-related issues, problems and debunks a few sleep myths. Selsick heads up the Insomnia Service at the University College London Hospital. He holds a BSc in Physiology, a BSc Honours in Experimental Physiology and MBBCh from Wits University.

Podcast #9: How to tell if you're a good or bad sleeper with Hugh Selsick

"This is the 1st of two episodes with Dr Hugh Selsick, a specialist in sleep medicine. We’ve invited Hugh to learn more about sleep from someone who works directly with patients who suffer from sleep problems to help us understand what good, and bad, sleep looks like. We’ll cover topics such as how to tell whether or not you are a good sleeper, good (and bad) ways of measuring sleep, and what impact it can have on someone’s life when their sleep improves. We'll also debunk a few sleep myths along the way."

Podcast #10: How to deal with sleep problems with Hugh Selsick

"In this 2nd episode with Dr Hugh Selsick, we’ll learn about common mistakes people make when struggling with sleep, links between sleep and other health issues, and what a session at the insomnia clinic is like. And of course, we will also cover topics such as caffeine, alcohol and sleep hygiene - what you hear may surprise you!" 

  • Disclaimer: This podcast was first compiled and published by Melio Health(y) Care. Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of disease. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking appropriate medical support because of something you have heard on the podcast.