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A wish for the youth of our country

- Wits University

Advertising guru, Peter Vundla, wished his co-graduands "what they deserve" when addressing them after being awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

Peter Vundla is well-known for turning the advertising industry around when he founded HerdBuoys, the first Black-owned and Black-led advertising, marketing and branding agency in South Africa. Advertising occupies an important space in society as it shapes the aspirations and representation of a people.

Under Vundla’s leadership, advertising changed from merely reflecting the lives of South Africans at the time, towards creating lifestyles towards which ordinary people could aspire. Vundla’s leadership extends beyond advertising. He is renowned for his ability to build relationships and is respected for his professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, which saw him transition into the world of banking and business.

An astute businessman, he has contributed to industry knowledge and publications pertaining to Black Economic Empowerment, business, politics, audiences and empowerment. 

Wits University honoured Vundla with an honorary doctorate degree in July 2018.

Read Peter Vundla's full speech.