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Teachers are the unsung heroes of society

- Wits University

Wits School of Education praised for shaping future teachers and educators.

“Without teachers, society will go nowhere”, Professor Tawana Kupe, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Advancement, told education and arts graduands.

As acting Vice-Chancellor he presided over the graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Humanities and lauded educators for their role in shaping all of us.

“Education is the foundation of everything. Without education you can go nowhere,” he said.

This was echoed by keynote speaker Corin Mathews, lecturer in the Wits School of Education.

Mathews, who is currently reading for his PhD in Mathematics Education, lectures at the undergraduate level in the foundation phase whilst supervising postgraduate students, and is the project manager in a National Research Foundation Project focusing on Numeracy and Primary School Mathematics.

“Becoming a teacher is one of the most wonderful experiences you might have,” he said, urging the graduating teachers to be accountable, authentic and responsible.

“You get your degree so that we can create a South Africa that is good for all,” he said.