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Dixon to address science graduates

- By Wits University

The Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose South Africa, Dr Elsbeth Dixon, will speak at the Faculty of Science Graduation on 27 March 2015 at 14:00 at Wits University.

In 2006, Dixon joined the not-for-profit organisation as the CEO. Common Purpose South Africa delivers experiential leadership programmes. In addition to this role, she has headed the student programmes team of the Common Purpose Charitable Trust and led the delivery of student courses at leading international universities such as Harvard, Oxford and the National University of Singapore.

Dixon is a member of the international organisation’s executive team, responsible for the Africa region. Her two passions are the facilitation of the transformative growth of individuals and contributing to the future of Africa through enhancing the quality of its leaders.

She has deep experience in leadership development, both in presenting open leadership courses which bring together senior leaders from a very wide range of organisations across the public, private and NGO sectors; and designing and delivering bespoke leadership and cultural intelligence programmes.

She holds a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and holds a PhD in Operations Research from Cambridge University.

Dixon has worked for the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research where she held many different roles, including that of being the founding Director of the CSIR’s Innovation, Leadership and Learning Academy.

She also worked for Adcorp where she ran the Technology Top 100 Awards Programme for several years. A co-founder of the Da Vinci Institute, Dixon served as its Chief Operations Officer and also led its postgraduate research.  Dixon holds a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching and is a trained FAMSA counsellor. She is passionate about life and is married with three children.