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Running and enjoying the civil engineering race

- By Vivienne Rowland

“Running and enjoying the civil engineering race” was the theme of the address by the President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, Stanford Mkhacane, when he addressed graduands at Wits University on Friday, 4 April 2014.

Mkhacane was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.

“I am sure we all agree that each of the graduands has certainly finished their course – their first part of the race. However, they still have to run the remaining part of the race, which happens to be the longer part. The Civil Engineering race is a rather long one – one that will only be finished when one departs, as some people believe that engineering professionals never retire,” said Mkhacane.

Mkhacane urged the graduands to help build the country and grab the opportunities afforded to them “because it is much easier nowadays to make a difference and rise above life’s challenges”.“About 25 years ago you were born, and while you were growing up and getting educated – a new democracy was born and developed in South Africa. Today the doors and windows of opportunities have opened up all over the world. South Africa is implementing a National Development Plan with opportunities for you to be involved in infrastructure development – you have a chance to be involved in designing and construction of roads, water, electricity, schools, hospitals, universities, and many more projects. You will be afforded these opportunities, and I believe that you will enjoy being involved in being part of the solution to the development of our country.” .