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Connect with Witsies from other departments

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How much do you know about colleagues in the office next to you? It's time to be part of Witsies Connect.

Wits University has more than 6200 permanently employed and fixed term contract employees. There are many others who are part of the University community, including sessional staff, postdoctoral fellows, and joint staff, as well as honorary and visiting scholars for whom Wits is their academic home.

 In an institution as large and diverse as Wits University, it is easy to focus only in your area and miss out on the dynamic ideas and people who sit in offices two floors below you.

It’s time to walk across and discover this vibrant space called Wits University!

Wits Communications, in partnership with the Director of Employee Relations Betina Fleming, invite Wits staff to be a part of Witsies Connect, an initiative to promote collegial relations among staff members and an appreciation of the various contributions that Witsies make to our institution.

Witsies Connect promotes inter-departmental interactions and a vibrant Wits culture

Kicking off in Workers’ Month, Witsies Connect is an inter-departmental get-together and informal quick ‘meet and greet.’ We envision that Witsies will use this opportunity to reach out to colleagues and share what they do, milestones, or goals in the horizon. This could even include a quick game of 30 Seconds to stimulate some healthy competition!

The inter-departmental engagement can continue throughout the year. The goal is to make these interactions a part of Wits culture.

Here’s how you can help build our community:

  1. Identify a Department or people of interest that you would like to know more about. Teams can be as small or as big as you like.
  2. Send an email either inviting them to come to your office or you visit them. Download invitation templates.
  3. Agree on logistics.
  4. Share photographs of who you meet and experience with Wits Communications via These will be published on the Wits People webpage. Enquiries:

Did you know that Wits has:

  • More than 400 buildings
  • Six campuses including the Wits Rural Campus
  • 11 Libraries
  • 16 Residences