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Update from the Senior Executive Team – 26 Feb

- Wits University

Academic programme continues as usual

We are aware of various statements being circulated by some student groups affiliated to different political parties who are threatening to disrupt the academic programme. The Dean of Student Affairs will engage with the various groups around these statements today.

Separately, the Dean of Student Affairs is working with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to enable the registration of academically deserving students, through fundraising and other means, as far as resources allow. Read more about how Wits is committed to enabling access to education and the concessions made to date.  We have slightly exceeded our undergraduate registration target for the 2024 academic year. The majority of postgraduate students are registered, and postgraduate registration continues throughout the year.

The academic programme continues as usual. If the situation changes, we will advise you via email, the Wits website, and Wits’ official social media channels, including the Wits WhatsApp Channel.

We emphasise that the University recognises the right to peaceful protest within the rules but will not tolerate any threats to staff or students, the infringement of the rights of others in general, the disruption of the academic programme and University activities, or damage to property. Appropriate action has, and will be taken, against those who breach these rules. To this end, two students have already been suspended for allegedly interfering with teaching and learning at the Education Campus on Friday. This morning, we received further reports of issues on the Education Campus and an attempt to block a bus. Students implicated in these incidents have been referred to the Legal Office, in line with the University’s rules for student discipline.

Teaching and learning are sacrosanct and any attempt to impede the academic programme is taken very seriously and will be dealt with urgently in terms of the rules for student discipline.

Campus Protection Services is on standby to address any issues or challenges should they arise. Please report any incidents to Campus Protection Services via (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666 – the emergency numbers are at the back of your student or staff card.

Thank you


26 FEBRUARY 2024