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Thank you for your service

- Wits University

Wits bids farewell to 87 retirees who have served the University well for decades.

“Today, we stand on the precipice of a poignant moment, one that marks the culmination of decades of service, commitment, and unwavering dedication. We have gathered not merely to bid farewell to a group of esteemed colleagues but to pay tribute to the indelible legacy left behind by our retiring academic and support staff,” said Professor Zeblon Vilakazi, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, as he bid farewell to about 87 retirees from Wits University this year.

He hosted a moving ceremony at the Origins Centre to honour Wits’ retirees, including 68 academics and professional and administrative staff, and 19 joint staff members from the Health Sciences, many of whom had served the University well for decades.

Vilakazi added: “In this vibrant tapestry of academia, our retirees have been the artisans, weaving threads of knowledge, compassion, and resilience. Today, we acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude to these exceptional individuals who, through their hard work and commitment, have propelled our university to stand head and shoulders above the rest. To our academic staff, you have been the architects of minds, the sculptors of intellect, and the custodians of a tradition that values the pursuit of knowledge. Your tireless efforts in classrooms, lecture halls, and research labs have not only shaped the academic landscape but have also left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of generations of students. Through your passion, you have ignited the flame of curiosity, and through your wisdom, you have illuminated the path to understanding, for which we thank you.”

Wits bids farewell to retirees in 2023

The guests of honour were thanked by Professor Ruksana Osman, the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic who also encouraged the retirees to hold Wits to the high standards to which they are accustomed: “Thank you for accepting this invitation, we are honoured to be in your company today. This is an opportunity for us to thank you and to say goodbye. We really wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being part of the fabric that keep Wits together. Many people speak about retirement, and I believe that this is just the beginning of the next leg of your journey. ”

Professor Garth Stevens, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: People Development and Culture explained why it was important to acknowledge the contribution of staff members and retirees: “It is in the workplace where many people spend most of their time, dedicating hours of their lives to advance Wits University, its mission and vision. This event seeks to recognise the contribution made by each individual.”

The recognition of staff speaks directly to the objectives of the Wits 2033 strategy, and is one step closer towards building a ‘people-centred’ culture. “We thank you for your exemplary service and wish you all the best for the future,” said Stevens.

The following staff retire from Wits in 2023 (in alphabetical order):

Dr Haroon-Ur-Rasheed Abbasi, Dr Paul Abrahams, Adjunct Professor Yasmin Adam, Professor Catherine Albertyn, Mohammed Alimia, Professor Kevin Balkwill, Sandra Benn, Dr Ntombenhle Bhengu, Roy Blumenthal, Dr Brian Boshoff, Adjunct Professor Firoz Cachalia, Professor Lesley Cornish, Christos Daskalakos, Annele De Villiers, Dr Haseenah Ebrahim, Ana Ferreira, Associate Professor Anne Fitchett, Professor Sharon Fonn, Ngwako Gafane, Merle Govind, Lindiwe Gubevu, Dr Christina Hajinicolaou, Barbara Hanrahan, Adjunct Professor Anton Harber, Associate Professor Daniel Irurah, Associate Professor Ariane Janse Van Rensburg, Mogamat Jardine, Avril Joffe, Professor Elizabeth Jonck, Johanna Kapp, Dr Penelope Keene, Jacob Kekana, Delphine King, Marius Labuschagne, Professor Beatrys Lacquet, Mokutu Mabeba, Dr Brigitte Madlener, Marjorie Makhaya, Matiisetso Makuebu, Annah Mathatsie, Mambulo Mathebula, Adjunct Professor Lufuno Mathivha, Mmanosi Matlou, Adjunct Professor Ismail Mayet, Vuweloa Mbale, Susan Mc Wha, Lindiwe Memela, Muzamani Miyambu, Nonceba Miza, Ntombikayise Mngadi, Fikile Mnyama, Adjunct Professor Deepak Modi, Madishobane Moepi, Masanni Mokoena, Lekau Molepo, Ahmed Moosa, Buti Moropodi, Dr Geeta Motilal, Thandi Musetha, Prof. David Mycock, Dr Vasidevan Naiker, Rajesh Naran, Dr Nitien Naran, Isaah Ndlovu, Adjunct Professor Eduard Oosthuizen, Dr Stelios Poyiadjis, Associate Professor Edmarie Pretorius, Dr Anlia Pretorius, Dr Howard Radford, Professor Michele Ramsay, Fiona Ramsay, Fulufhelo Ramugondo, Dr Jayanath Ratnayake, Carol Sam Fat, Adjunct Professor Cornelia Smith, Associate Professor Anthony Stacey, Professor Akpofure Taigbenu, Professor Fambirai Takawira, Associate Professor Constantine Theophilopoulos, Ann Thomas, Professor Alison Todes, Karen Trent, Dr Myint Tun, Jillian Turner, Dr Ibrahim Usman, Famanda Valoyi, Belinda Van Rheede, and Dr Sietse Wouters.

We wish you all the best for the years ahead!