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Student on the Go Programme to end Period Poverty

- Wits University

The launch of the Student on the Go Programme marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against period poverty.

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The Dean of Students Office at Wits University, in collaboration with Chancellor Doctor Judy Dlamini, celebrated the official launch of the "Student on the Go Programme" in partnership with the Clicks Group. The event was not only a milestone but a moment of gratitude towards the partners who have joined the mission to eradicate period poverty.

Initially originated by the Wits Student Representative Council (SRC), Ending Period Poverty has grown to become a beacon of hope for countless female students facing period poverty. This initiative is founded on the belief that access to menstrual products is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Last year, the SRC initiated the Wits100 Centenary Period Poverty Pilot Project, providing 10 000 sanitary towels to Wits students on campus. This marked the first significant step in combating the harsh reality of period poverty that plagues low-income women and girls.

Speaking at the launch on 28 September, Chancellor Doctor Judy Dlamini expressed her admiration for the SRC and the Dean of Students’ Office, saying, "I'm filled with gratitude at different levels. You never dropped the baton; you passed it on like true servant leaders who are driven by purpose rather than position."

Kamogelo Mabe, Wits SRC Acting President, praised the university's management and sponsors for their unwavering support. “This project has indeed breathed life beyond a Pilot Project and is now a legacy project as it exists outside of the previous term's SRC, and we envision it to launch beyond Wits University and become a nationwide project.”

“I am super proud of this project because it's a great collaboration between us as the number one health and beauty company and, secondly, Wits University, which has such a phenomenal legacy. If you can keep girls in school for longer and if you can make sure that you are trying to remove some of the obstacles for them, then we are building a phenomenal society for the future, and that's really at the heart of it,” said Group CEO of Clicks, Bertina Engelbrecht.

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The Student on the Go Programme is designed to provide convenience and dignity to female students. Benefits will be loaded onto the Clicks club card, allowing students to access sanitary towels at selected Clicks stores at their convenience.

Jerome September, the Dean of Students, expressed his appreciation for the SRC's initiative and thanked the sponsors for their invaluable support. He emphasised the significance of corporate support in projects that seek to bring dignity to young people, change the face of the country, and make a real difference in society.

With the unwavering dedication of Wits University, Dlamini, the SRC, the Clicks Group, AFI, Motsepe Foundation, and Eyerus, this initiative is poised to make a lasting impact not only within the university but also throughout South Africa, ensuring that no student has to compromise their education and dignity due to period poverty.