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Update On Protests 6 March 2023 20:30

- Wits University

We extend our deep appreciation to all staff and students for seamlessly pivoting to blended teaching and learning today.

We understand that it is difficult and we acknowledge the effort on your part as we navigate this difficult time. As we did today, we will continue with the blended teaching and learning approach tomorrow.

Today, the situation on campus was calm for the most part. A small group of students tried to break through the Great Hall doors but were stopped by Campus Protection Services. There were no further incidents.

The Legal Office is dealing with further reports of misconduct by students, and as it continues to process the evidence, it will continue to institute the relevant disciplinary processes, including the issuing of suspension orders, in line with the University’s rules for student discipline.

Should the situation on campus settle, we will take the appropriate steps towards reducing the levels of security.

Thank you


6 MARCH 2023