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Update on protests - 5 March 2023 (23:00)

- Wits University

We will continue with teaching and learning in a blended learning mode

Following our engagement with the SRC, and further correspondence, the SRC has rejected the concessions presented today. Instead, following a mass meeting, about 200 students, led by the SRC, chose to march to the Vice-Chancellor’s home, and some threatened to burn it down. We condemn all forms of violence and implore the students, student leaders, and all other parties to exercise maximum restraint.

We are managing the situation as best as we can. However, while we continue to find solutions to these systemic challenges, this behaviour is unacceptable as a means to resolve conflict. We will continue to engage but also to preserve the integrity of the academic project, the safety of our staff and students and the University’s infrastructure. It is important and necessary for the academic programme to continue.

We will continue with teaching and learning in a blended learning mode tomorrow. Please check ulwazi and consult with your course coordinators, Heads of School, managers, and divisional leaders on the modus operandi for tomorrow. Professional and administrative staff should check in with their line managers on what is expected from them. All student facing services are expected to continue and staff members who serve students are expected to be at work. All essential services staff members are required to report to work

Thank you


5 MARCH 2023 (23:00)