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Update from the Senior Executive Team, 3 March 14:30

- Wits University

Lectures at Wits proceeded well today in a multimodal format.

Dear Colleagues and Students

This is a quick update on developments today. Lectures proceeded well today in a multimodal format.

Students marched through Braamfontein this afternoon. At around 13:20 some students, accompanied by a group of about 150 people from Braamfontein, broke through the Yale Road South and Station Street Gates, many wearing political party regalia. They came armed with water bottles, rocks and teargas, which they threw at private security officers. Three security officers were hurt and have been taken to the Campus Health and Wellness Centre. The exchange continued for about 20 minutes outside the Great Hall before the crowd dispersed.

The situation has calmed down now and Campus Protection Services is trying to get those trespassing off the campus as possible. Entrances have been closed and staff and students will be allowed to leave. No one is currently being allowed onto our campuses.

We have already illustrated our commitment to trying to support our students as far as possible, and to address many of the systemic national issues. We have showed restraint in the face of student protests but condemn the acts of intimidation and the destruction of property.

We will keep you updated as the day progresses.


3 MARCH 2023