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Confirmation That Mr Aphiwe Mnyamana Has Been Suspended

- Wits University

We refer to Mr Aphiwe Mnyamana's tweet posted at 20:31 tonight and confirm that Mr Mnyamana was suspended on 6 March 2023.

He failed to appear at a suspension hearing scheduled today despite having been provided with ample opportunity to make representations at such hearing.

The allegations against him are of a serious nature and relate to conduct that infringed on the rights of others, resulted in damage to property, and the intimidation of members of the University community, amongst other things.

He will not be allowed to access any of Wits’ precincts, participate in University activities and engage in conduct which constitutes "student privileges", and will not be allowed to stay in Wits’ residences until the legal process is finalised.

We will allow the legal process to now take its course.


6 MARCH 2023