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Update on student protests (1 March 2022 - 18:00)

- Wits University

Entry key and exit points are being managed to ensure your safe entry, and officers will be stationed at key lecture theatres to ensure classes continue.

Dear Colleagues and Students

We thank you for your patience and resilience today, which was a difficult day for some. 
Despite the challenges, we successfully completed the academic programme today, thanks to all of you.

Access and Egress to Campus

We acknowledge that it was difficult to access the Braamfontein campuses this morning, for which we apologise. We have brought in external protection officers to manage key entry and exit points tomorrow, so as to ensure your safe entry and egress. These officers will also be stationed at key lecture theatres to ensure that classes continue.

Continuation of the Academic Programme and University Activities

Aside from some early morning disruptions in science and commerce and two classes in education, the rest of the academic programme continued today. The academic programme and all University activities will continue tomorrow as scheduled. This is to ensure that the over 36 200 students who have registered can continue with their studies. We will advise you should the situation change overnight.

Incidents of intimidation

Campus Protection Services (CPS) and members of the Wits community have received complaints of intimidation and damage to property, which are being investigated. CPS is also reviewing video footage and other evidence, which will be used to charge and/or suspend perpetrators, in line with the University’s rules, policies and procedures. Should you experience any intimidation, please report it to CPS via or call (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666.

Engagement with the SRC

The Dean of Student Affairs is engaging with student leaders at present to try to address some of the demands. However, a number of the issues raised are systemic issues which need to be addressed at the national level. These will be channelled to the appropriate leaders via Universities South Africa and other fora.

We will keep you updated as significant developments occur via email, the Wits website, ulwazi, social media and school/departmental WhatsApp groups.

Thank you

Senior Executive Team

1 March 2023 (18:00)