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SRC launches fundraising campaign and promotes active citizenship

- WIts University

Student leaders aim to raise money to help peers with debt register and return to class in 2023.

The state of the global economy and the country’ s socio-economic dynamics are crushing the dreams of young people in higher education.

To respond to the challenges of academically deserving students, the Wits Students’ Representative Council has launched a fundraising campaign in order to enable Wits students whose debt has reached the permitted threshold.

The SRC has dupped this initiative The Century of Inclusion campaign in line with their aspirations that no student should defer their dreams or deregister due family financial constraints. Furthermore, as the 101 SRC, the student leaders believe that they should chart the path towards a financially secure century for students.

The SRC seeks to raise R50 million. Following their appeal to the private sector and stakeholders on behalf of 11 336 students in need of finance, the SRC has secured R1 million from the Motsepe Foundation and they continue to mobilise support for this noble cause. To donate, click here.

Eager to contribute and demonstrate that young people play an important role in nation building, the SRC has extended its social outreach programmes, this time addressing environmental health and pollution in nearby communities. Their first clean up #ShowLoveForMyCity concentrated on Hillbrow and Braamfontein.

Hillbrow residents had mixed reactions about the operation.

Ntando Sangweni said “It’s not nice to see this dirt here every day. They [SRC] are cleaning up a mess that the government should worry about. Why should they be cleaning up when they have their education to focus on? It’s unfair that they have to worry about these things.”

Businessman justin Ndlovu also called for better partnerships in the area to promote a healthy environment. 

"The councillors need to hold tenants accountable because we have small businesses right next to the dirt. I sell products on the side of the road. Every day I am exposed to this smell.”

“At least today we can operate without the issue of the smell. We are grateful that these students came out here to help us.”

Show My City Love clean-up