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Generations of Wits SRC celebrate formidable leadership

- Wits University

Generations of Wits SRC gather for a night of celebration

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An evening of multi-generational leaders and members of the Wits Student Representative Council gathered to reflect on and celebrate the past 100 years of Wits University and its illustrious student leaders. Wits and its student body has played an important role in shaping our country’s socio-political landscape. It has always been an institution that pursues social relevance as well as academic excellence. Wits takes a stand on social matters and shape the voice of society while producing a high calibre of global leaders.

Hosted by the incumbent SRC, the night was spent reflecting on the past 100 years, celebrating Wits student activism, and reaffirming the role student leaders play. Guests celebrated the evolution of the Wits SRC by reflecting on members of the student body who played a significant role in the anti-apartheid struggle and who continue to champion transformation across Wits campuses. They also reflected on those who fought for fair access to quality education for poor and working-class students, as part of the wider process of building a truly non-sexist and non-racial society.

The night was part of the current SRC’s efforts to raise funds for students on campus. Cebolenkosi Khumalo, Wits SRC president, highlighted his teams’ efforts to raise funds for and support students who are on the verge of financial exclusion.  “We teamed up with the private sector to fundraise over R12 million that assisted over 2000 students with registrations” said Khumalo.

Khumalo celebrated his team’s effort to ensure that students get a holistic and equitable university experience by providing those from poor and impoverished backgrounds with reliable, and stable accommodation, food, and academic support.

Kenneth Creamer, lecturer in the School of Economics and Finance and former Wits SRC, reflected on his time as a student and what led to him joining the struggle against the apartheid government. Sharing his hopes for the next 100 years Creamer said, “I would like to see our university continue to be a center of academic excellence in teaching and research.”

The former Witsie applauded past student leaders who established a structure called SASSFE that facilitates intergenerational dialogue and action.

“I would like to continue to teach large diverse groups of students from all races, genders, backgrounds, and nationalities – so that Wits can uplift not just South Africa, but also our African region and beyond,” Creamer added.

Wits student leaders have held not only the institution to account but left Wits to occupy significant roles outside of the University that hold the private and public sector accountable. The love for Wits University, South Africa and the continent continues to unite these formidable leaders for generations to come.