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Covid-19 Update 87: Masks are voluntary

- Senior Executive Team

Return to campus plans and the way forward.

In keeping with the latest COVID-19 regulations, we would like to advise that:

  • the wearing of masks is no longer compulsory, although high-risk individuals are encouraged to continue wearing masks, especially when infections start to increase, and
  • all venues, including work spaces, can now be filled to capacity.

Until further notice, the University’s restrictions on student gatherings and events, particularly during the examination period, remain. The July graduation ceremonies will now return to the Great Hall.

Return to Campus Plans

The relaxing of the national regulations removes all restrictions that prevent professional and administrative staff from returning to work. Therefore, unless approved by their line manager, all professional and administrative staff are required to return to their respective workspaces on campus.

Schools are required to update and submit their blended teaching and learning plans to accommodate increased face-to-face contact with students for the second semester, after consultation with their respective Heads of Departments, Heads of Schools, and Faculty Deans.

Going Forward

These protocols may change as the virus evolves, as regulations change, and as the science develops. We will review our policies, rules and regulations, and in particular our Mandatory Vaccination Policy, based on the best scientific evidence on hand, and following engagements with the relevant structures within the University.

We will also monitor the power supply situation on campuses and in the City of Johannesburg over the next few weeks, to ensure that it does not compromise our return to campus plans.

Keep warm during these cold winter days.

Senior Executive Team