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Covid-19 Update 81: Vaccination and testing site now open

- Wits Mvax Operations Team

Apply for reasonable accommodation and upload your international vaccine certificate.

It has been wonderful to see staff and students returning to our campuses this week, as registration commenced. It has been especially gratifying to learn that to date over 16 700 staff and students (about a third of the Wits community), have uploaded their vaccination certificates via the Wits MVax Upload portal. Thank you! It is anticipated that this number is likely to increase given that staff and students have until 1 March 2022 to upload their certificates.

Upload WHO-approved International Vaccination Certificates

We are pleased to announce that all World Health Organization-approved international vaccination certificates can now be uploaded. Read more about how to do this on the Wits MVax Implementation Portal.

How to Apply for Reasonable Accommodation

Wits staff and students may apply for Reasonable Accommodation if they cannot be vaccinated on medical grounds or may elect not to be vaccinated on Constitutional grounds through the exercise of their rights to privacy, bodily integrity, freedom of religion, freedom of belief and/or freedom of opinion. It is noted that these rights are not absolute and may be limited to give effect to the Wits Vaccination Policy. The granting of Reasonable Accommodation is not automatic, and any decision will be based on the University’s policies and procedures, return to campus plans, risk assessments, and operational requirements, amongst others. Persons granted Reasonable Accommodation will have to agree to and abide by additional Covid-19 safety protocols and limitations. Click here to Apply for Reasonable Accommodation. The portal to apply is now open.

Wits COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Site opens 1 February 2022

The Wits COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Site opens tomorrow, 1 February 2022 in the Wits Multipurpose Sports Hall on the Braamfontein East Campus (next to the swimming pool). It will run from 08:00 – 15:00 on weekdays and will include a Vaccination Help Desk. You do not need to make a booking – just walk in with your identity document or passport and get vaccinated. Services include free vaccinations including boosters, COVID-19 antigen tests and a Help Desk. All staff, students, alumni, contractors, family members and household persons are welcome as walk-in patients. No bookings are needed. 

We thank you for walking this journey with us and look forward to welcoming you back to campus soon.