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Meet KuduBot

- Wits University

KuduBot is Wits University’s chatbot set to enhance student services by providing quick and convenient support to student enquiries.

Launched on 23 November 2020, KuduBot offers 24Hour guidance to students and is capable of answering queries from both prospective and registered students.

The chatbot is prepopulated with common questions asked by students via email and through the call centre. As with all figures built on artificial intelligence, KuduBot simulates human conversations and gets better with time.

“KuduBot will learn from students' conversations and will improve over time based on interactions. We invite everyone to join us on this journey and to help grow Kudubot. There are other unknown questions that will be put  to it and Kudubot  will provide the  closest answer. We anticipate that new and unique questioned will get posed and it will incrementally add answers to these as its intelligence will grow,” says Nobuhle Mpephu at Wits ICT.

The KuduBot is named after the University’s mascot, the Kudu, a friendly character often spotted at  Wits events spreading cheer and dishing out hugs to the Witsies and visitors. KuduBot shares the spirit of service and is easily accessible at the bottom of the Wits website.

Kudubot is a recent addition to the wide-range of self-service features offered to applicants and current students. Go on,  what’s your question.