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Wits Covid-19 Screening Tool

- Wits University

Information pertaining to the screening of staff and students entering University campuses and premises.

Government Directives pertaining to Covid-19 obligate employers to implement a Covid-19 Screening Tool to ensure that employee / student health condition is monitored.

In view hereof,

  • Staff / students must use the Covid-19 Screening Tool on a daily basis to monitor whether they are showing any Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • This must be done before staff / students leave their homes to come to Campus. 
  • Assuming staff / students have completed the forms to indicate that they do not display any of the symptoms – including having not been exposed to or in contact with any individuals who may have been diagnosed, been in self-isolation or in quarantine for the past 14 days, and do not suffer from any other risk factors; please drop the completed form in dedicated boxes at the entrances.

    Download the Covid-19 Screening Tool

    Further notes regarding the Covid-19 Screening Tool:

    • Please conduct daily self-screening before leaving home / residence and before coming onto Campus.​ Follow the flow diagram should symptoms be experienced.
    • If any symptoms mentioned in questions A1 to A10 are experienced then don’t attempt to enter the University. Consult your Healthcare Worker to determine whether further testing / self-quarantine will be necessary. If cleared by your Healthcare Worker only then may you enter the University. If you reside on Campus and experience Covid-19 symptoms then please remain in your room and seek advice telephonically from relevant CHRL staff and/or your Healthcare worker. ​​
    • If tested positive for Covid-19 (and, if you do not require hospitalisation) then self-isolate for 14 days. Follow your Healthcare Worker’s advice.​​
    • If you are not able to come to Campus due to experiencing Covid-19 type symptoms, or due to being tested for Covid-19 (or after being positively diagnosed) then urgently notify your Supervisor/ relevant Manager about your situation / absence. ​​
    • If you answered “YES” to any of the questions in Section B1, B2, C1 and C2 (but have none of the usual Covid-19 symptoms mentioned in sections A1 to A10, then this does not mean that you will be refused entry onto Campus (but a decision may be necessary as to whether this requires further intervention).​​
    • If “YES” is answered for the questions in sections A1 to A10 then this does not mean that you definitely have Covid-19. This screening tool is used merely as a pro-active precautionary indicator to establish whether further tests should be carried out in order to make a definite diagnosis. ​
    • If you reside on Campus then please follow the CHRL protocols on notification / quarantining should you experience Covid-19 symptoms. ​​
    • Nothing prevents a person that experiences any of the usual Covid-19 symptoms to immediately bring these to a Healthcare Workers attention at any time of day / night should these symptoms present themselves.
    • Service provider and contractor employees are expected to have a Screening process in place for their staff (preferably using the same standard of screening that Wits staff / students are using).
    • A flow diagram has also been developed and which explains the Covid-19 screening / testing / management process to be followed at Wits. This process flow must please be adhered to:

    Download the Covid-19 Screening Testing and Incident Management Flow Diagram