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Wits Covid-19 Update (18)

- Wits University

The role of essential staff during the national lockdown.


Dear Colleagues

Please note the University’s position on the role of essential staff during the national lockdown period:

1. Staff that are not essential services staff and are able to work from home during the lockdown period are required to work;

2. Staff that are not essential services staff and are not able to work from home but would ordinarily be required to work are not expected to come to campus and work; and

3. Staff that are essential services staff are required to work on a rotational basis where appropriate.  

In terms of Section B(1) of Annexure B of the amended Regulations issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 on 25 March 2020 (“the Regulations”) the following categories of staff are considered essential services staff:

a. Medical Services;

b. Animal Care Services;

c. Financial Services necessary to maintain the functions of the payments environment;

d. Laboratory Services;

e. Cleaning, Sanitation and Waste Removal Services;

f. Security Services; 

g. Critical Maintenance Services; and 

h. Staff assisting with accommodation for essential services staff.

The relevant line managers, who have been appropriately authorised, will be in contact with employees who form part of essential services with a plan on how operations will be expected to continue during the lockdown period. Essential services employees will be issued with a formal letter and permit from the University which authorises them to leave their places of residence to attend to work. 

The University will ensure that the proper precautions are taken in the workplace to mitigate against the risks identified in the context of COVID-19. 

The Senior Executive Team is finalising a protocol around leave and other arrangements. This will be shared with organised labour and staff in due course. 

Once again we thank all staff for their contribution to the University and society during these exceptionally difficult times.


26 MARCH 2020 (16:00)