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Wits condemns violence

- Wits University

Statement from the office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal

The University of the Witwatersrand strongly condemns the violence and looting which has taken place recently in the Pretoria CBD and the Johannesburg CBD and surrounding areas. These acts are unacceptable, inhumane and a clear violation of the law and basic human rights.

The University calls on government and the SAPS to maintain law and order and to stop the scourge of violence from spreading.

Wits further condemns the comments made by persons who occupy positions of power and who through their irresponsible remarks, have the ability to influence the actions of our citizens. This condemnation extends to the failure of government to hold these individuals accountable for their comments.

The blatant lack of leadership on this matter from the highest levels of government is also of serious concern. Now more than ever, clear messages need to be sent to all sectors of our society, without any ambiguity.

The University is appealing to members of the Wits community to remain alert and safe at all times. Please contact Campus Protection Services should you feel unsafe or require assistance. The numbers are (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666, or at the back of your staff/student access cards.

Please report all incidents to Campus Protection Services and any incidents of xenophobia or discrimination to the Transformation Office.

Thank you.