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What's in a name?

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The name of the staff wellness initiative, Mpil'enhle Programme – itlhokomele, that launches on 2 September offers insight into Wits values.

Mpil'enhle Programme - Itlhokomele brings a holistic wellness programme for staff and aims to integrate all initiatives implemented by Wits.

Mpil’enhle, meaning ‘good life’ in isiZulu, was drawn from nearly 200 entries from staff who responded to the University-wide call to name Wits’ staff wellness programme. ‘Mpil’enhle’ and similar words referring to ‘good life’ was one of the most recurring names from the 388 name suggestions. Thandi Musetha, a Faculty Officer in the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management won the naming competition.

The Mpil’enhle Programme tagline ‘Itlhokomele’ means ‘take care of yourself’ in Sesotho.

Amanda Calitz, Lecturer in the School of Therapeutic Sciences won bragging rights for a submission that resonates with the vision of the programme and encourages staff to take care of themselves. Itlhokomele calls on individuals to take responsibility for making health changes that will have positive outcomes on their quality of life and those of their families.

Furthermore, the Mpilenhle Programme – Itlhokomele also reflect the spirit of the Wits Language Policy, which promotes the use of African languages in order to build an inclusive society rooted in diversity. The University has adopted the use and promotion of isiZulu, Sesotho and South African Sign Language among staff and students. This is in addition to English.

The Logo deconstructed

The Mpil’enhle logo exudes vitality and is welcoming.

The icon of the human figure represents people and reinforces that the Mpil’enhle Programme is a people-centered initiative. The human icon, with arms outstretched in triumph, embracing three leaves, symbolises abundance.

Logo colours

Yellow (happy) – the colour of sunshine represents success, optimism, joy, happiness, energy and confidence. It is bright and noticeable and is also one of the Wits colours, which can be substituted in place of the Wits gold.

Blue (solid, trustworthy) – this colour sets to inspire feelings of trust, stability and loyalty. It also represents the Wits blue.

Green (healthy) – the colour for growth and good health, it represents nature, rejuvenation/renewal, healing and life in general.

Grey is the colour for maturity and reliability and represents quiet elegance – a perfect fit for the Mpil’enhle philosophy.

The Mpil'enhle Programme will be launched on 2 September 2019 during the annual staff wellness week. View the programme.

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