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Protests called off at Wits

- Wits University

SRC calls off protests after reaching agreement with University management.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) called off protests after they reached an agreement with management last night. This was following negotiations around the eligibility of a category of students to access the Wits Hardship Fund, the criteria which are described below.

The University is still assessing the damage to property on the West Campus in particular and is reviewing security arrangements and other crisis management operations. The Legal Office is also following up on all transgressions reported this week. Where sufficient evidence is available, we will hold those who committed offences to account. Please lay complaints and send any evidence, including video clips to the Head of Campus Protection Services so that it can be processed.

We sincerely thank you for demonstrating resilience during this difficult week. 

Thank you


8 FEBRUARY 2019 (10:00)


The Wits Hardship Fund has been established by Wits University and has been allocated R13 million to help students who are in urgent need of registration assistance. To date, the Wits Hardship Fund Evaluation Committee (which includes SRC representatives) has: 

-          assisted 567 students in total in the last two weeks,

-          awarded funding to 220 students for urgent accommodation, and

-          assisted 347 returning students to register. 

Category 1: Students who owe less than R10 000, sign an Acknowledgement of Debt, and can register (no need to apply to the Wits Hardship Fund).

Category 2: Students who owe more than R10 000, must apply to the Wits Hardship Fund for assistance. If they met the criteria, assistance will be provided, provided that the total debt owing is less than R100,000. These students will sign an Acknowledgement of Debt, and can register. This only applies to students who have applied to the Wits Hardship Fund and who have been successful in their application.

In addition, students who have met the re-admission requirements, who have a family income of less than R600,000 and who owe the Univeristy less than R100,000, can apply to the Wits Hardship Fund. Students must apply for assistance by 19:00 tonight, Friday, 8 February 2019.

We have put the necessary internal processes in place to ensure the speedy processing of applications and communication around the outcomes. Please send applications to  

Category 3: Students who require urgent accommodation assistance must send applications to These students must then present themselves for an assessment interview to the WCCO, at the Sanctuary. The University secured additional beds to assist students facing difficulty with securing accommodation. We are doing all that we can to assist those in dire need, but beds remain limited.