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New WitsX course: Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students

- Wits University

This new online course teaches you how to critique, compare and apply academic resources and research.

If you want to improve your academic skills, this course can help you engage with academic sources and kick start your own academic research.

Wits University’s free, online learning platform, WitsX (on the edX platform), has released a new course aimed specifically at students studying management and business.

The Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students course is taught by leading Wits Business School professors with a wealth of supervision experience:

  • Terri Carmichael, Associate Professor of Management Education at the Wits Business School
  • Nomusa Mazonde, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Wits Business School

The course will guide you through the process of critiquing an academic article, drawing comparisons between different perspectives, and creating a persuasive narrative.

What students will learn

  • To identify academic and personal resources which support postgraduate research
  • How to critique an academic article
  • To compare and contrast different perspectives put forward from academic articles dealing with the same topic
  • To create a narrative which integrates perspectives from different academic sources; and argues for a conclusion 
  • Cite academic sources

The four-week long course is free and starts on 8 July 2018. Enrolment is now open.

New WitsX course: Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students


In 2014 Wits University became the first African University to partner with edX, the online learning destination founded by MIT and Harvard to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) to a global learning audience.

The first three MOOCs on the WitsX platform was launched in 2016 and to date close to 48 000 students have enrolled for eight courses on the platform. Three more will be added to WitsX and will start running in the first half of 2019.