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Wits University denounces disruption of healthcare services

- Wits University

The Senior Executive Team of Wits University has issued a statement denouncing the major disruption of healthcare services caused by industrial action.

The University of the Witwatersrand registers its deep concern following the major disruption of healthcare services caused by industrial action in the public healthcare sector in recent weeks, which has resulted in patients being denied access to basic and critical healthcare services. 

Recent protest action in both Gauteng and the North West Province has resulted in striking workers disrupting medical services, damaging public property, and closing clinics and hospitals, which resulted in many patients being turned away despite the need for urgent healthcare services. This has resulted in the most vulnerable members of our community being deprived of healthcare services – a basic human right. 

The impact of the industrial action has also had far-reaching consequences for the University’s staff members, academics and students who undertake clinical duties in public hospitals and clinics. In some instances, teaching and learning activities were disrupted, staff members were threatened and denied access to facilities, and property was damaged. 

The University finds these actions reprehensible and calls on all stakeholders to work together to urgently resolve the crisis in the healthcare sector as soon as possible.



8 MAY 2018