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From cockroach races to dung beetle brawls

- Wits Communications

Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlommo 2017 celebrates AP&ES' centenary in Biology research.

This popular annual exhibition, presented by the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences (AP&ES ) in the Faculty of Science at Wits, features live animals and plants, assorted goggas and creepy-crawlies, and related talks and demonstrations.

This year’s exhibition marked 100 years of biology research and teaching in AP&ES. Hundreds of students and Joburgers braved inclement weather to visit the exhibition in the Oppenheimer Life Sciences Centre.  

Visitors witnessed an impromptu brawl between two male dung beetles over a dung ball, while other insect- Olympics included a cockroach race. AP&ES exhibitor-partners SaveMe Rescue explained how to care for pets – even those of the slithery kind!

Entomophagy (edible insect) was on the menu, with Donald McCallum of the C.E. Moss Herbarium bringing gastronomy to the table. Adventurers Steve and Karin Spottiswoode shared their experience of picnicking on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Professor Glynis Goodman-Cron shared the myths, mysteries and uses of the legendary Baobab tree and Wits MSc student, Robin Cook shared his research on the use of African honeybees as a method to protect Marula trees from elephants.

Ella and John Roberts, SANParks honorary rangers, shared their experience of camping on Malgas and Jutten Island to protect seabirds during the breeding season, while the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre introduced Sagira, a hand-reared Egyptian vulture.

Students interact with animals at YeboGogga 2017. Lizard at YeboGogga 2017.
Snake at YeboGogga 2017. Spider at YeboGogga 2017.
Porcupine at YeboGogga 2017 Dung beetles at YeboGogga 2017