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What to do if disruption occurs

- Wits University

Guidelines for how to respond when faced with disruptions, violence or threats:

1. Remain calm and advise your students to do the same. Do not antagonise or provoke persons causing the disruption.

2. If there is a physical threat to anyone, vacate the venue immediately. 

a. When leaving a venue make sure that it is safe to do so and make your way to a safe area

b. If you are in a multi-level building, briskly follow the escape route indicators or your safety officer, until you are able to find your way out of the building

c. Do not re-enter buildings, offices, lecture rooms, halls or any other University areas that have been disrupted

d. Assist visitors, students and disabled persons to leave the occupied/disrupted area

e. Call Protection Services and report the incident

3. If there is no immediate physical threat, ask students to remain seated and call Protection Services.

4. If you are threatened or provoked in any way, or prevented from leaving a building, lecture room, office or any other University area, call Protection Services and await assistance and/or instructions from Protection Services.

5. Protection Services will have personnel dedicated to answering the numbers listed below. They will immediately deploy a rapid response team closest to your area to attend to the incident.

6. Protection Services will summon emergency personnel to the scene as required.

7. Report all incidents to Protection Services in as much detail as possible.

8. Refer any students or staff members who require medical assistance to the Campus Health and Wellness Centre. Anyone who needs counselling should go to CCDU.

9. Please always obey the instructions provided by Protection Services.

Should you feel unsafe, threatened or intimidated in any way, or wish to report an incident, please make your way to your nearest Campus Protection Services Office or call the following numbers:

Protection Services Emergency Numbers

Braamfontein Campus

Room 1, Central Block (Great Hall) – Main Control Room (CB1)

011 717 4444 / 011 717 6666

Health Sciences Campus, Parktown

Control Room

011 717 2222 / 011 717 2232

Education Campus, Parktown

Control Room

011 717 3340

Management Campus, Parktown

Guard House

011 717 3589