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Students injured in protests

- Wits University

95% of all classes went ahead as scheduled across all campuses.

Update on the academic programme

About 95% of all classes went ahead at Wits today, across all campuses.


A test in the Flower Hall on the Wits West Campus was disrupted by protestors just after midday today. This was due to a lapse in security around these venues this morning. The tests scheduled for the remainder of the day went ahead without disruption. All test venues and lecture theatres will be secured going forward.

Today, protesting students entered Flower Hall and tore up test papers towards the end of a chemical engineering test. They then made their way to the New Commerce Building where they disrupted lectures before making their way to the Science Stadium. Police dispersed the protesting group using teargas, rubber bullets and stun grenades. Four students were injured by rubber bullets and were treated along with several other students at the Campus Health and Wellness Centre. Two students had to be taken to hospital.

Additional venues for study purposes open tonight

The reading rooms in both the Wartenweiler and Commerce Libraries will be open for use by students tonight. Both rooms have wireless  hotspots to ensure access to e-resources and services.