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Reports of intimidation to sign a petition

- Wits University

Statement from the Senior Executive Team (17:00):

Reports of intimidation to sign a petition 

It has come to the attention of management that some students are being intimidated into signing a petition indicating that as a result of trauma experienced during the recent protests, they want examinations to be postponed. These incidents of intimidation seem to be prevalent in certain residences. We remind students that intimidation is a serious offence and should be reported immediately. If you are intimidated, please speak to your respective warden or contact the Office of the Dean of Students. You can also report incidents or people who are intimidating you by calling Campus Control on (011) 717-4444 or calling the anonymous hotline on 072 256 7951.  

Online application for deferred examinations 

We remind students that if you feel traumatised and for good reason cannot sit for the current examinations, you can apply to write deferred examinations. Students can apply online for deferred examinations via the Wits Student Self-Service system. Log in to the Wits Student Portal via then navigate to the Main Menu > Self-Service > Wits Student Self Service > Application for Deferred Exam. Please remember that you only have three days from the date of the original examination to apply for a deferred examination. 

Examination procedures 

While we strongly discourage students from bringing bags onto campus when writing examinations, we will accommodate bags outside the venue if required. Please ensure that all bags are clearly labelled so that they can easily be identified. Toiletry bags will also be accommodated. Female officers will also be on hand to assist with security checks.