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Minor incidents reported as all lectures went ahead today

- Wits University

Protestors urged to keep to designated areas of protest.

Academic Programme

All lectures, assessments and tests went ahead today as per the academic calendar.


Two incidents were reported today. A firecracker was thrown into an open window in a classroom at the FNB Building on the Braamfontein West Campus. The class was affected but after a few minutes, students settled down and the lecture resumed. There are reports that firecrackers were also set off on the Wits Education Campus but no classes were disrupted. 

We have just been alerted that a group of people are blocking roads and throwing stones at cars on Jan Smuts Avenue between Ameshoff and Jorissen Streets. We are not sure whether Wits students are involved in this incident. The police are on scene and they are managing the situation.

Designated protest areas

We remind all students and staff of the designated areas for protest and ask all members of the Wits community to adhere to these rules. The only designated areas for protest are: 

  1. on the Piazza outside the Great Hall  on the Braamfontein Campus and
  2. outside the Linder Auditorium / cafeteria on the Education Campus.