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Lectures are underway

- Wits University

Update from Senior Executive Team on University opening (09:00):

Thank you to all of you who have come onto campus this morning. 

We are particularly appreciative that you are working with us to win back the campus. 

All lectures are underway at the moment with no reported disruptions of the academic programme. We are watching events tightly and if any University rules are broken or the rights of others are infringed, the University will hold those responsible immediately accountable. 

The interdict remains in place and the University will enforce it if required. 

A group of students wearing balaclavas were asked to disperse this morning. They refused to do so and the police used stun grenades to disperse them. We have received reports that two students have been arrested this morning for violating a court order. Notices of suspension for these students are being prepared. 

We have also been alerted that some staff have been requested to form a human chain between police and students. Staff should not engage in such activities as this would be abetting protest and would undermine our attempts to get the academic programme back on track. 

Police have also been asked to ensure that any group be dispersed before it becomes large enough to constitute a problem.

There may be some inconvenience throughout the day. We appeal to you to work with us as we try to get the academic programme back on track today. 

Remember to report any incidents to (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666. The line is being properly manned today and will respond to all calls immediately.

Stay informed via; on Twitter: @WitsUniversity and @Wits_News; and on Facebook: @WitsUniversity.