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Classes continue today

- Wits University

Update from the Senior Executive Team (10:30):

Academic Programme 

All classes continue today across all campuses. 

Overnight Incidents 

Three petrol bombs were found in a backpack near the Raikes Gate on the Wits West Campus in the early hours of this morning. A security officer made the discovery and alerted the police who removed them. 

Two other petrol bombs were found outside the John Moffet Building late last night. It appears as if another petrol bomb was thrown through a window to the basement of the building, which caused a fire. Security officers managed to extinguish the fire quickly. 

Eggs were thrown in at the Albert Wessels front entrance at the Wits Business School this morning. Taps were left open in Central Block bathrooms overnight, which led to flooding in the area. All areas have been cleaned. 

Offensive graffiti has reappeared in various Wits spaces and is being cleaned. 

Intimidation and misinformation 

We are aware that many students and staff are being intimidated by protesting students. This intimidation takes various forms – there are reports of intimidation of students in residences as well as those who attend classes. We remind all students and staff, that while protesting students have a right to demonstrate, others have a right to learn and work. 

There are students who are circulating threatening voice notes and WhatsApp messages to instil fear in the Wits community. These notes and messages have been passed on to the police and they are investigating it. 

There is much misinformation being spread through social media and we urge students to obtain their information from official Wits channels –,, @Wits_News and @WitsUniversity. 

Please report any intimidation to Campus Control on (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666 or to the Wits Legal Office. 


Contrary to the information spread on social media yesterday, the University did not lock any students into any residence. Security did close one pedestrian turnstile when disruptions occurred on the Parktown Campus yesterday. Students were able to leave via the front gate. 

Stay away from areas of conflict 

We appeal to all students and staff to stay away from areas in which conflict may occur. If incidents occur, move away from the area for your own safety.