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Agreement to open dialogue

- Wits University

Update from the Senior Executive Team (10:00):

University activities 

All University activities go ahead today as planned. No incidents were reported overnight.

Management's engagement with students

Student leaders and Wits management agreed last night to meet to open dialogue on the issue of access to quality, free, decolonised higher education.

The meeting will be livestreamed via

Students will elect a delegation of 20 to meet with representatives of the Senior Executive Team including the Vice-Chancellor and Principal and the Dean of Students. 

All parties agreed that the meeting will be held today and will be livestreamed. The parties are working via the mediators to determine an appropriate venue.

The students requested that the meeting be held on the Ground Floor of Solomon Mahlangu House today. Management has agreed to this request but only from 17:00 onwards so that lectures and University activities in the building are not compromised today. Otherwise, an alternative venue  may be found. 

We are waiting for confirmation of the meeting details from the mediator and will share these once they are confirmed. 

The parties agreed to meet in good faith to charter a way forward that is beneficial to all.

Designated areas for protests 

The designated areas for protests for everyone are as follows: 

  • Wits Education Campus – Outside the Linder Auditorium and cafeteria
  • Wits Braamfontein Campus – On the Piazza outside the Great Hall 

We will keep you updated as the day progresses.