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Access cards are for students and staff use only

- Wits University

Update from the Senior Executive Team (10:00):

Academic programme

All tests, lectures and University activities went ahead without disruption yesterday. The academic programme continues as per the academic calendar today.


No incidents were reported overnight.

Student/staff access cards

In recent weeks we have noticed that individuals linked to some criminal activities on our campuses have entered using active student cards. We would like to remind all students and staff that it is a serious violation of the University’s rules to allow anyone to use your access card.

You are not allowed to ‘swipe’ anyone through a turnstile.

Students and staff who allow others to use their access cards may be charged for misconduct. Appropriate action will be taken against anyone caught using an access card that does not belong to them.

Please remember to report any lost or stolen cards to Campus Control immediately so that the card can be deactivated if necessary.