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Academic programme continues on Friday

- Wits University

Update from the Senior Management Team (18:00):

University activities 

Despite some of the disruptions earlier today, the majority of classes went ahead across all campuses and class attendance has improved. Classes resume tomorrow as per the academic calendar. 

Management’s engagement with students 

The mediators informed Wits management just before 17:00 that the student leaders would not attending the meeting scheduled for today. We apologise to all those who were preparing to watch it via live streaming or on the Concourse. 

The Senior Executive Team of Wits University remains completely committed to engaging with student leaders. 

Wits Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Adam Habib remains open to engaging with student leaders.

Audio clip 

The University is aware that a new voice clip threatening violence at the University and intimidating students is circulating on social media. This clip, together with two others from last week, have been passed on to Wits Security, the Wits Legal Office and the South African Police Services for investigation. 

Anyone with information about the source of the voice clip should call the Head of Wits Security, Mr Mokgawa Kobe on 0117171853.