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2024 Biennial Research Day

Improving Healthcare through Research and Innovation

Greetings, esteemed students, and colleagues!

As we embark upon the year 2024, the faculty is thrilled to announce the arrival of our biennial Research Day! Reflecting on the successes of our previous gatherings, where we fervently explored new horizons, we are excited to bring this enriching experience directly once again to you. This year, our theme takes us into the realm of improving healthcare through research and innovation. Join us as we showcase the remarkable research endeavours undertaken across our seven schools.

Within the Faculty of Health Sciences, we take great pride in the high calibre of our research initiatives. The objective of this year's Research Day is to ignite curiosity and deepen understanding among attendees regarding innovative approaches aimed at improving health outcomes. We welcome abstracts focusing on breakthroughs in diagnostics, telemedicine, mobile health, cost-effective medical equipment, and electronic health records, all geared toward enhancing innovation in healthcare services.

Additionally, we are enthusiastic about exploring avenues such as medication administration and the development of innovative treatments for common ailments, not only within South Africa but on a global scale. Through our discussions on policy development, we aim to elucidate how academia can collaborate with policymakers to inform decisions that enhance the quality and delivery of healthcare, utilizing health technology assessments as a guiding principle.

We extend a warm invitation to all colleagues and students to actively engage in this distinguished event by submitting abstracts. Moreover, we encourage our faculty members to volunteer as judges, session chairpersons, or abstract reviewers, thereby enriching the collaborative spirit of our community. Attendance is open to all members of the Wits community, including staff, students, and alumni, with registration being complimentary. As we proudly proclaim, WITS FOREVER! We kindly request that you extend this invitation to interested friends and colleagues, both near and far.

Let us come together to celebrate the spirit of inquiry and innovation that defines our institution. We eagerly anticipate your participation in the 2024 Research Day, where knowledge knows no bounds!

Warm regards,

Nokuthula Nkosi (PhD)

Chair: Faculty of Health Sciences Research Day 2024 Organising Committee

School of Therapeutic Sciences